So It Turns Out That New Zealand Gets Cold…

If you’re not familliar with the Artists Abroad trip, you should check out the quick blog post before reading this article!   As a testament to our usual ignorant assumptions about places we haven’t visited; we’ve discovered through the powerful detective … Continued

What I’ve Learned From Years of Travel

  Over the past five years, I’ve done a lot of traveling. First, pretty much all over the United States and now in the Eastern Hemisphere. The first time I went west, it forever changed my life. I was only … Continued

Big Beers, Mountain Scooter Rides and an Interesting New Friend: A Spontaneous Night in Heidelberg

During my visit to Germany with a couple of friends last year, we met a lot of interesting people. We met some of our best German friends in Heidelberg–which is in the southwestern corner of the country–when we stayed with Johannes, a … Continued

Hitchhiking and Train-Hopping Madness

   Editor’s Note: If you’re not familiar with the “Artists Abroad Story” you should read it before checking out this article.   I am writing you from the small town of Deiva Marina, Italy, where we have been (get ready … Continued

Hitchhiking in Europe: My Interesting Story, and What You Should/Shouldn't Do

    This travel tip / story comes to you from the “Artists Abroad Trip” of summer ’13. I was traveling with two friends–Aaron and Corey–on an extremely budgeted trip around the world.   Just the thought of hitchhiking can … Continued

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