How To Stop Ending Up With A Million “Final” Mixes (Post-Production Tip)

I know you’ve been there too. You have a folder of bounces that looks like this:   Final_Mix.wav Final_Mix_01.wav Final_Mix_24.wav Final_Mix_THISISTHELASTONE.wav Final_Mix_PleaseLetThisBeIt.wav Final_Mix_ThisIsMyLifeNow.wav   How do we stop this from happening?   Say it with me: TAKE. REGULAR. BREAKS.   … Continued

North Face "Base Camp" Shower Bag – Review

Hey travelers! Today I’m giving an in-depth look at North Face’s “Base Camp Travel Canister” shower or toiletry organizer. I’ve carried this little fella for a couple of years now. I DID NOT receive any kind of commission on this review or … Continued

Martin LXM Little Martin Travel Guitar – Review

Updated May 2018 I’ve used the Little Martin for around five years now. I’ve carried this thing all around the world and put it to the test through rain, heat and just about anything else you can imagine. In this … Continued

3 Secret Tips for Free Camping in the US

  So you want to see the US… and you’d like to do it on the cheap. Camping is already going to be less expensive than staying in hotels or hostels, but I assume you’re not camping because it’s cheaper. I assume … Continued

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder – Review

Today I’m taking a look at a fairly recent purchase of mine, the Zoom H1 Portable Digital Handy Recorder. I use this for on-site recordings these days rather than the bulky computer-based system I used to haul around. To give … Continued

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