10 Unexpected Things That Happen To Working Musicians

Drugs, booze, women, and more women. Or maybe not… I didn’t expect to become a professional at not getting drunk when I became a musician. Nor did I expect to become a professional at not getting a girlfriend. About two years … Continued

3 Secret Tips for Free Camping in the US

  So you want to see the US… and you’d like to do it on the cheap. Camping is already going to be less expensive than staying in hotels or hostels, but I assume you’re not camping because it’s cheaper. I assume … Continued

Stone Holden – The Most Interesting Friends in the World

  So I decided to set up this little corner of the site as a means of travel-inspirado as well as some interesting insight into the lives of my crazy, hilarious, fun-loving friends. Some of the people I’ve met while … Continued

How To Book Gigs / Tours in the US

Greetings fellow travelers, artists and musicians. My name is Brian. My wife Katie and I are full time touring artists/musicians. Full time as in we live in a converted school bus (that runs on waste veggie oil & solar panels) … Continued

World Travel Packing List for Musicians

This article will cover the ins and outs of your RTW Gig bag as a traveling musician. Now, keep in mind that this list is directed towards a guitarist or other stringed-instrumentalist. I will assume ahead of time that you’re not … Continued

World Travel Packing List

  This packing list should cover just about anybody going anywhere in the world. Whether you’re just out seeing the world via your pre-prepared bank account or working while you live the vagabond life, you’re covered here. First off I’ll … Continued

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