Author: Tom Edwards

Random Travel Is The Best Travel

    As I’m writing this, I’m taking a quick break from arranging my work in order to leave tomorrow morning and head—completely unprepared—to Boston, MA

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder – Review

Today I’m taking a look at a fairly recent purchase of mine, the Zoom H1 Portable Digital Handy Recorder. I use this for on-site recordings

How To: Poop in Thailand

  My thoroughly educational how-to series continues today with something very important in our (hopefully) everyday lives: Pooping. We all poop. Except girls, they don’t poop

Travel New Zealand on the Cheap!

Let me start this off with addressing a question that anyone who has ever been to New Zealand is probably asking upon reading the title

How To Take a Shower in Malaysia

Okay, guys. I’ve kind of decided to start a new series here we’ll call How To (my creative abilities are impressive, I know). I’m going to give