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Random Travel Is The Best Travel

    As I’m writing this, I’m taking a quick break from arranging my work in order to leave tomorrow morning and head—completely unprepared—to Boston, MA

How To: Poop in Thailand

  My thoroughly educational how-to series continues today with something very important in our (hopefully) everyday lives: Pooping. We all poop. Except girls, they don’t poop

Travel New Zealand on the Cheap!

Let me start this off with addressing a question that anyone who has ever been to New Zealand is probably asking upon reading the title

How To Take a Shower in Malaysia

Okay, guys. I’ve kind of decided to start a new series here we’ll call How To (my creative abilities are impressive, I know). I’m going to give

How To Book Gigs / Tours in the US

Greetings fellow travelers, artists and musicians. My name is Brian. My wife Katie and I are full time touring artists/musicians. Full time as in we

A Small World, After All

  A friend of mine from the UK shared this photo today, which reminded me of a really interesting thing that happened to a couple

Southern Islands in Thailand

    If you’re not familliar with the Artists Abroad trip, you should check out the quick blog post before reading this article!   We left Bangkok on September