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The Story of a Totally NOT GAY Bro and His Colombian Adventure

Back in 2015, I spent a few days in a small hostel in Cali, Colombia after playing at Sancocho Fest in Tuluá.

I was just relaxing most days, working on my Spanish or playing guitar. Every morning I would make myself a cup of coffee, fry a few eggs, and sit on the front stoop watching the locals move about and writing in my journal.

"You’re Gonna Get Killed Over There!"

  “You’re gonna get killed over there!”  “You’ll be kidnapped!” “You’re crazy, I would never go somewhere like that…” If you’re a world traveler with

Random Travel Is The Best Travel

    As I’m writing this, I’m taking a quick break from arranging my work in order to leave tomorrow morning and head—completely unprepared—to Boston, MA

How To: Poop in Thailand

  My thoroughly educational how-to series continues today with something very important in our (hopefully) everyday lives: Pooping. We all poop. Except girls, they don’t poop