Sometimes life hits you in the face like a ton of bricks. It’s the worst when it happens, but many times it’s hilarious looking back on it. Let us all bathe in your shame. Share your story!

The Cringe Bible will be a compilation of true embarrassing stories gathered from Reddit, reader submissions, and my own personal tales of horror. Read terrible-but-true stories from strangers about growing up, stories about love, sex, masturbation, work, school, parenthood, or wherever else people have had what they can humorously call the worst moment of their life.

If your story is accepted to be included, I will list your first name and city in the book. If you choose to remain anonymous, either of those can be changed. If you submit a story and don’t explicitly ask that your real first name or city be included, I will assume you wish to remain anonymous and create a name and city for you or list it as Anonymous, depending on how I end up formatting the book.

Do you have a funny and embarrassing story you’d like to submit for my new book, The Cringe Bible? 

Submit it below! 
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