North Face "Base Camp" Shower Bag – Review

Hey travelers! Today I’m giving an in-depth look at North Face’s “Base Camp Travel Canister” shower or toiletry organizer. I’ve carried this little fella for a couple of years now. I DID NOT receive any kind of commission on this review or product. Everything I review on this site has been personally used by me and put to the test.

Let’s start with an overview of the North Face Base Camp Travel Canister:

North Face Travel Canister Shower Bag














Size vs. Capacity is really the only area that I, personally, have complaint of with this bag (we’ll get to why organization only has a rating of 7 in just a moment). I love how small the Travel Canister is, but at the same time it’s almost too small. If you want to carry full-size bottles of shampoo, forget it. Electric trimmers are out of the question as well. Given that I’m a pretty light packer when it comes to this stuff, I tend to throw smaller things in regardless, however, there have been a few times I’ve found myself wanting some more space for things in this bag. It comes in at around 10 inches long and 5 inches wide/deep:

North Face Travel Canister Size

As far as durability, North Face really pulled out all the stops on this bag. It’s made out of what seems to be high-quality rubber, and it in fact almost waterproof. I carried this thing strapped on the outside of my pack for six months and brought it home with very little wear or tear.

Weight falls in line with its small stature, there’s not much there. I’d [disclaimer:] guess around 6-10 ounces empty.

Organization: I’ve given it 7/10 “airplanes” because there aren’t many compartments. I personally don’t care about this. There is a zippered pocket inside of the top flap which I keep tweezers and a small pair of scissors in, and a small pouch towards the rear of the main compartment which I find to be almost useless. I don’t need different pockets for everything I carry, so this doesn’t bother me. I’ve rated it lower because I’m aware that for a lot of people, this may pose a problem. The North Face Travel Canister shower bag is definitely a man’s shower kit.

I guess that leaves us with our last rating: Style. I love the look of this thing. It comes in a number of sizes, all found at North Face’s website or REI. North Face is a popular brand for a reason: No, not because high school girls want to look cool and say “I had to wear my North Face” instead of “jacket” [annoying pet peeve], but because they actually make high-quality adventure gear. I have a few of their items and haven’t been disappointed so far (although I have yet to spend $200 on the equivalent of a light windbreaker, so I can’t say much for their clothing).

Before I take off, let’s not forget the coolest feature of the Travel Canister shower bag: The personal mirror and hanging hook. This is a little mirror attached to a strap from which the shower bag can hang. It… is… so… freaking… useful. As my readers know, I tend to do a lot of budget travel. This means I’m taking what I call “whore baths” in truck stops, the middle of the woods, or my car. This thing is so perfect. Here’s a snapshot of the mirror/hanging strap combo that comes with every Travel Canister:


All in all, I won’t be switching bags anytime soon. I think this little guy has a couple more years in it, so why fix what isn’t broke? Maybe someday if I’m living luxuriously enough to want to bring along an electric trimmer or some big bottles of shampoo, I’ll opt for a larger bag. Until then, you’ll still be able to see this little cylindrical beauty resting on the top of my pack. North Face Travel Canister = win, in my book.


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